God is still working in and through The United Methodist Church.

Most podcasts about The United Methodist Church tend to spend much of their time complaining. Rather than have “just another podcast about The UMC,” we want to talk about what God is doing in the UMC. As we approach the end of this season of disaffiliation, telling our story is more important than ever. Why are we doing this? The narrative that the UMC is dead is false, and we want to show why it’s false. Join us and hear about everything God is doing in and through the people of The United Methodist Church.

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Carrying On the Wesleyan Tradition of Notes

John Wesley, Methodism’s founder, was a prolific writer. Among his most well-known works are Notes Upon the Old Testament and Notes Upon the New Testamant, commentaries that are still used today. We continue the tradition of notes, but in podcast form. As Wesley illumined scripture, we will illumine the life of The United Methodist Church.

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